Our Strategy

Dedicated to helping you

With the crippling effects that the Coronavirus had on our industry in 2020/21 all too apparent, it is our goal to alleviate some of the increased pressure that teams are suddenly faced with.

Therefore, it is our mission to provide a service that can be relied upon time and time again. We aim to become the go to laundry and hygiene provider to hospitality businesses.

We believe in training and investing in our team to make sure that we can proved a consistent, professional service that stays on top of trends and delivers every time.

Linen suppliers

Partnering with UK’s leading supplier of bed, bath, and table linen to the hospitality sector. Rich with expertise and an unrivalled reputation, they have been supplying the hotel and textile rental sector with long-lasting hotel linens for over 140 years. Proud members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a not-for-profit organisation that aims to transform cotton production worldwide by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.

OTEX and Commercial Equipment Solutions

Disinfection guaranteed on every cycle. OTEX ozone laundry system has recently been proven to remove all traces of Coronavirus in even the largest loads. Discover OTEX by JLA – the original, market-leading commercial ozone laundry system that is proven to remove all traces of coronavirus, and kills 99.999% of other harmful bacteria, moulds, and yeasts – using natural chemical disinfection at low temperatures for deep-cleaned, fresh-smelling, and softer linen.

Best-in-class ozone innovation can also eradicate harmful micro-organisms in every wash – and prints a validation receipt to prove disinfection has taken place. And with pre-programmed cycles, it’s impossible for laundry or housekeeping staff to select a programme that will not achieve disinfection. Because OTEX works at ambient temperatures, it is environmentally friendly because it uses less hot water, gas and electricity compared to traditional thermal laundry systems.